Serious sam 3 что делать с пирамидой

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Healt pack mini secret... Every video shows that the player walks close to it, and they get the secret. I even dancing to this thing and maybe I can get that. Very rare occasion ... ARGH Is there any trick to it? :D Hmm... Dirty trick: If you can't reach it, stay close to the health pack, press alt+tab. Then press alt+tab again, and while the game loads things back, press forward. I managed to get the bloody thing 3 times out of 3 :D

RelakSHUN 10.07.2017 - 23:08

You know you can aim too

River Douglas 08.08.2017 - 04:53

The door did not open and the bombing did not have as a result of something I have not changed, what is the solution

Kalid Free 30.08.2017 - 01:50

That spawn fuck at 27:15 lol.

fonkymaster 14.09.2017 - 14:56

a Devastator? Remember when another Sam had to deal with a Devastator at the pyramids?

Piggy Oink Oink 22.09.2017 - 15:07

do seiros sam tse

Natasha Charman 25.09.2017 - 09:51

This is a fake

Marc Holzki 18.10.2017 - 12:23

I know this is a little late and pointless but you missed a decipher text in the spider room around 19:00.

Michael Tungate 23.10.2017 - 01:30

is this really serious mode? I havent played in a while but I recall way more enemies

Strafer66 02.11.2017 - 12:57

Enter the Great Pyramid... Pyramid of Khufu... but that was Pyramid of Khafra

Pavel Zapevalov 26.11.2017 - 00:41

one ticket please. PRICELESS

Dafuqinator7 18.12.2017 - 22:18

one secret i know is at the very begening where there is your first enemy on the roofbefore the sledgehammerand you need to rip his eye out and throw it far from the rooftop. you will get a shotgun.

LM670-4 01.01.2018 - 10:15

To be honest, it isn't necessary. In fact, once you master the mutilator, you could use it for that entire section, maybe pulling out the rocket launcher a few times if you run into a pinch, but otherwise, the final battle on this level is pretty doable with the normal weapons without any of the secret ones.

qazxsw13 10.01.2018 - 15:14

You made this look incredibly easy, I'm stuck on the gauntlet of enemies after the sphinx. I don't have near the weapons you do since I'm playing blind for my first playthrough and don't know any of the secrets, only things I've found was laser gun and devastator so far. Really would love sniper and cannonballs lol. Maybe I'll give this Mutilator another shot, I wasn't real impressed with it when I first tried it, but it worked real well here.

Slayne7410 30.01.2018 - 04:02

14:57 what is the name of that song?

ThunderPunch23 12.02.2018 - 03:32

That last bit is killin' me, but now that I know how to release the mutilator I'm doin' a little better. Thanks

Tyler Potts 07.03.2018 - 05:29

I hawe a bug with the lewel:Iron clod plz sombody help

NecroShmn 25.03.2018 - 05:30

Pretty sure this is Serious Difficulty, must be your imagination.

qazxsw13 17.04.2018 - 08:06

is this the serious difficulty Why does my S diff have more monsters than this vid about 3 times

KoZSeC 16.05.2018 - 13:20

Sheesh, you make serious difficulty look like easy mode with your gameplay.

The Ugly Barnacle 14.06.2018 - 06:04

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