Моды к игре supreme commander 2

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  • Опубликованно: 06.12.2016
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Avp extinction was also my first rts as a youngling, and i still have to go back to it. My jaw dropped when you said you played it. Was a very underated game.

Vorpal Drake 07.12.2016 - 17:24

The only down side to this mod is the fact that the install only recognize s a retail copy. I have yet to get it to work on my steam bought version yet. The install looks for supreme commander dir, i have try just winzip the files to my game data files under steam common sup game data folder, but for myself have not got ver. Of the mode to work. As for where to get the mod the link for it is in the description of this guys vid, which thankfully he added. Hope that helps anyone looking into getting this to work. This should be in the forums discussions i know, but i feel alot more folks view vids and don t read the forums lol

Steve Honaker 08.12.2016 - 18:06

Plz make a tutorial on how to get that mod xd

Gg Dudes Gaming 10.12.2016 - 05:50

Good mod, but nope, i still prefer forged alliance lol d

Peter Price 10.12.2016 - 11:58

Make a tutorial on getting that mod

Gg Dudes Gaming 10.12.2016 - 16:47

Do people still play this game online if they do could you tell me which servers or something. Also should i get sc or, which game has longevity,

Heiko170 11.12.2016 - 02:53

Escudos also be legally binding contract in a while ago but it will take place at all and all that i am looking to move buy it for you and your team is to be a good idea for me and my family is in well as well and you will need a new job is done by then but and it will was not the best what did i type

Sue Smith 11.12.2016 - 08:16

Or is it

Kyle Garver 13.12.2016 - 01:56

Bad it ain t xbox

Kyle Garver 14.12.2016 - 18:25

I would give this mod a as well

Deathman The Noob 15.12.2016 - 00:24

I ve been looking for a video like this for a looooong time. Great job

Deathman The Noob 15.12.2016 - 05:10

You sir, are not just good at keeping content rolling but also you are willing to make long videos and so i press the big red button to increase your follower count and i will recommend you to anyone who likes watching supcom revamp mod good day to you sir.

Tommy Skinner 15.12.2016 - 13:45

The uef will blot out the sky with our artillery shells! Unite for freedom!

Battleoid 16.12.2016 - 01:23

Cybran race

Parker Brue 17.12.2016 - 15:21

Hi, my name is gustavo, and i ve been playing supreme commander its been sometime, i have supreme commander forged alliance with some mods, and its really amazing, unfortunely is cracked, cause i cant find a cd in brazil and my mom wont buy nothing online. If you want, i can give you the link of the cracked version, my skyp is gustavo. Andrino, if you wanna play, hit me up

G Forcex 18.12.2016 - 19:37

Version. With new units has already released.

Quantumdistortionartillery 20.12.2016 - 12:15

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Моды к игре supreme commander 2

Моды к игре supreme commander 2

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