Mad max на windows

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  • Опубликованно: 14.02.2017
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You conviced me Great Job now I can play videogames with STEAM

Leik Luis 16.02.2017 - 01:02

Fps apart, Linux doesn't disturb you and does shit like windows.

SGKGaminG™ 10.03.2017 - 07:13

toujours des comparaisons a la con l'os n'as rien a voir c'est toujours les drivers qui prime sur ce genre de comp

David Perea 01.04.2017 - 19:12

cool fake, windows shitty

PST 18.04.2017 - 21:39

can you test RUST please

Ahmed Hamdan 21.04.2017 - 08:43

hey man love your videos keep it up, yours truly, a sincere fan

Tatsufollower 10.05.2017 - 21:16

can I using gtx 1060 and i7 6700k to run mad max constantly 60 fps?because i can not effort gtx 1070. i also use razer peripheral. what is your motherboard?

曲新娜 31.05.2017 - 12:39

Автоматом лайк, сразу, не глядя . Привык к этому каналу .

Пират XXI века 15.06.2017 - 16:07

is this game already using vulkan API?

Lucas Dehandschutter 27.06.2017 - 06:50

We should send Feral some cookies for a good port. Wish the engine was libre software.

gnarlin 22.07.2017 - 18:07

Awesome video Penguin Like

BonJov75 14.08.2017 - 20:24

Those frame time spikes are disgusting... definitely seems accurate though I noticed a lot of stutters when playing on Arch Linux.

George Gibbs 27.08.2017 - 01:25

very nice video.. I did get a chuckle about it being called the latest aaa release and the video posted the day before Deus Ex is released.

Daniel Davis 29.08.2017 - 14:22

thank you for your videos And of course I'm waiting your test of deus ex mankind divided

Roman Chuvayev 15.09.2017 - 16:47

Amazing Pinguin as usual.

Alejandro Esp 10.10.2017 - 23:05

Is Nvidia still improving Linux drivers?

Ich Bin 18.10.2017 - 08:06

Excellent review.. Feral really outdid themselves with this port.. And the best part is that I've confirmed they overestimated their recommended specs to the point to have the game playable on a 740m laptop 720p with no issues with the Steam BP overlay active, run perfectly on a GTX960 wonly 2GB of VRAM and even being recordable on OBS while maxed out on a i5-4440 processor that don't even meet the minimum specs given feel free to check my channel for a 40 minute proof of this last point Also, in a totally unrelated topic, I'm glad to see Penguin Recordings fully back after so long.. Keep up the good work

Qchto here 09.11.2017 - 11:51

In other words, not a bad port, at all

edocamoro 25.11.2017 - 01:37

thanks for teste.. percebo the games on Linux has more potential for optimization compared to windows

Fast OS 02.12.2017 - 21:23

The lower CPU usage is really interesting. This means the bottleneck is mainly on the GPU for Linux users. It would also be very interesting to see the individual core usage. Does OpenGL scale better with multiple cores? Im a budget CPU user

PureAwsumnes 17.12.2017 - 08:02

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