Mad max fury road игра

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  • Опубликованно: 12.07.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:04:18
  • Просмотров: 620
  • Категория: Mad max

Комментарии (20)

I live I die I live again

xsedi gaming 31.07.2017 - 20:55

we're riding to vaaaaaaaalllllllllllllhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaa

xsedi gaming 13.08.2017 - 16:00


لورد حسام 18.08.2017 - 23:23

So Batman Arkham Knight: Mad Max Edition, huh?

Eynar Dzhavadov 28.08.2017 - 05:13

Put it on Apple iPads

Philip Lalonde 13.09.2017 - 16:05

I just hope this will have an immersive and well written story as well. Gameplay seems fine and fun, it's a legit team that has created this game avalanche studios. But I hope they manage to deliver an entertaining story as well. Otherwise, what's the point of buying single player games. I've already pre-ordered this game.

eightypuff01 28.09.2017 - 00:41

Curious fact: Magnum Opus translated from Latin to English means: Big Work. Gran Obra for the Spanish speakers

LaikaGamer † 06.10.2017 - 07:02

is the doof warrior in this game btw??

lyhthegreat 15.10.2017 - 22:06

i would fell bad if i had to kill these war boys in the game... i mean they were misled into believing it was a glorious thing to die for some old man.

lyhthegreat 08.11.2017 - 07:50

This is going to be bad because of poor choice of voice acting.

HangDeath 01.12.2017 - 18:42


penzoil1010 09.12.2017 - 17:23

The thunder dome is in the game.

Nay Churr 15.12.2017 - 18:28

The movie was horrible I bet the game is horrible

kris o 25.12.2017 - 20:00

i will definitley buy this game, looks awesome i would love to have a game in which a single enemy can be hard to defeat like in dark souls but in it's own style, maybe with more safe points and you don't lose something because of dying just so that you don't slaughter 1000 people as if they would be paper dolls like in gothic 1 where you have to think twice before attacking someone and i hope that you actually begin with nothing and that it would already be a victory to get a damn gun with 3 bullets or something like that

Nairolf0007 22.01.2018 - 22:54

I'll really NEED to pre-order this one

Gunnar Bhering 17.02.2018 - 11:02

its looks less like MadMax than in the new movie, each time MadMax reappears, he looks more gay.....

Earauka Valion 26.02.2018 - 01:47

It will be an open world game?

DarkMental16 17.03.2018 - 17:39

Looks great, don't get me wrong but I will wait till someone makes a mod where you can create your own character as the main character. I know it is a story game ABOUT Max but I want to be just a random in this world, not an already established character.

Jamal Gleeson 19.03.2018 - 10:05

The main villain is Immortan Joes son.

Tasu 1 27.03.2018 - 22:23

Because in the end of the world u want a car not allies guns just a car yup better just pull down my pants for them.

that one waffle 09.04.2018 - 16:03

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