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As i sit here merely lurking around fimfiction, i come across this video and your channel that is spotlighted in kkat s recent blog post. Kkat s blog posts are such high quality, it s a great reason to follow. I m not sure if anyone would ever want to read a blog post i make when i do not make as high quality blog posts. Mostly because i choose to be busy in real life first than to blog about anything. Intriguing. There are many lets read or react videos about reading fallout equestria. If i may ask, when and or how did you catch kkat s attention? You two fellows are pals perchance? And to top that off kkat is actively commenting on your lets read fallout equestria videos. To which i acknowledge that kkat is actively browsing around and may very well reply to this comment, too. Hello, kkat! I mean no offense with my curiosity, nor do i want to accidentally put words in your mouth as the saying goes. As one who finished reading fo e in a matter of weeks and planning to re read it, this is simply icing on the second cake to discover.

Canyon Light 20.08.2017 - 00:14

I assume there will be no more warhammer reactions?

Pcgaming 20.08.2017 - 10:29

To answer your other question i had the story outlined before posting, but i wrote each chapter after having the chance to absorb the feedback from the previous one. This allowed me to improve my writing as the story progressed, and was far kinder to my editors. The last few chapters were written as season started, and i posted the last part on christmas morning. As such, there are a few references to bits in the first episodes of season, but nothing that had serious impact on the story. I think the last reference episode to get referenced was may the best pet win.

Kkat 21.08.2017 - 13:46

And no, manticores are not the deathclaws of this story. You ll know the deathclaws when you see em. .

Kkat 22.08.2017 - 19:29

When thinking about war timelines, you need to make a distinction between industrialized war and total war. In a total war, the entire economy and resources of the nation is directed towards warfare, and the distinction between civilian and military targets are blurred or disappear altogether. The world wars were total wars. And total wars burn out countries, both in resources and morale. Fast. However, there have been many industrial era or modern wars that have not been total wars, and those have a tendency to drag on for lengthy periods of time, often with increasingly diminished affects on morale as war becomes the status quo. An excellent example of this is the recent u. S. War in afghanistan, which lasted thirteen years and only ended because the u. S. President forcibly truncated it against the desires of a significant portion of the country s population. The war in fallout equestria started as a low level over there war that is probably best compared to the either the korean or vietnam war the latter of which lasted twenty years, only without the acceptance of civilian casualties that practices like carpet bombing entail. After nine years, at the midpoint of the war, the littlehorn massacre caused a radical shift in both the mentality and methodology of the war. There was pause and retooling period that lasted about a year before the nations plunged into the sort of total war that you see in the sombra war future of the cutie re mark. Part of that retooling, on equestria s side, was the creation of the ministries. In the cutie re mark, applejack s contribution to helping equestria as much as she could involved the industrialization of the apple farm. In fallout equestria, ministry mare applejack chose the same method. As steelhooves mentioned in chapter, the bulk of what the ministry of technology did was incentivize and subsidize industrialization and technological growth all across equestria. This sparked a rapid industrialization that is simply impossible without the aid of special talents and earth pony magic. For example, the nation went from primitive powder firearms to miniguns in two decades. The level of s and sci fi tech was only in play for the last one or two years. Likewise, morale was a major issue. However, they had the ministry of morale actively working to try to bolster the morale of equestria, and the ministry of peace seeking to aid people suffering from stress and depression. The magical nature of equestria and its ponies combined with the efforts of the six ministries actually allowed equestria to carry on in a total war scenerio for about twice the time nations were able to do so during the second world war.

Kkat 23.08.2017 - 23:12

It is hard to tell but you did hear him say pegasus enclave right. It also sounds like from later chapters that they did not start off as a industrial war.

Sir Aroun 24.08.2017 - 20:33

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