Fallout 4 какие параметры качать

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I can t find the terminal to build

Zkl1995 28.07.2017 - 22:06

I see the power cycle but it spawn underground and i cant find it or build it again

Zhotyy 30.07.2017 - 19:10

What a load of shit, i destroyed everything and i still built the cycle. And completed the quest on xbox one

Stevevillani 01.08.2017 - 00:07

No scrapall. Holy shit if thats the case im in a hell of a janitor task.

Electric Boogaloo1988 02.08.2017 - 18:18

Why do you have to build a generator to power the terminal? I thought that was the whole point of the bike ffs! Now i know thanks!

Badge Man 03.08.2017 - 22:30

So, i have a different issue it would seem, the special tab just isn t there, i can t build the prototypes. I uninstalled snap n build and used the fix to get my structures tab back, but i don t seem to have special.

Zaren K 05.08.2017 - 17:03

Lmao, i scraped everything, thanks for the vid

Axialviper 07.08.2017 - 08:01

I already scraped everything and i m a console peaseant and i can t load an older save up before i found the vault any ideas?

Djdjf Shfurh 08.08.2017 - 02:15

I need help i set it all up but i dont have any options in my terminal? !

Lucky Dragon 09.08.2017 - 05:10

I came in the vault with mods and i immediately scrapped and started building. Everything is fine for me. Either i got lucky or your just to sceptacle

Sexual Hungerz 10.08.2017 - 12:03

Skip to minutes to see how to do it

Deraj991 11.08.2017 - 11:35

Clem won t get on the bike for me

Donnystatus1012 11.08.2017 - 20:11

I scraped every single thing in v and i can build the cycle. I dont know how you think it is connected in any way.

Cdenver 13.08.2017 - 01:07

Ah thk so much! Final im finish quest. Omg quest so crazy.

14.08.2017 - 02:28

So a generator is a terminal wtf i was looking around for a terminal, so connecting a generator to a generator is what they really want ffs.

Anonymous Coward 15.08.2017 - 10:07

Ok so this did not work for ps, my bike shows but once connected to terminal did nothing, so leave, bring mats to build a small generator and attach, then it works.

Raymond Wallace 15.08.2017 - 18:55

Awesome thank you thank you

Longsword 814 16.08.2017 - 08:37

Fucking hell. So all the progress from there has to be redone? ? ? Fuck this dlc and fuck this game. Can i get them to refund the whole dlc?

Lemonk 16.08.2017 - 22:30

I just built a generator and connected it to the terminal and all was well.

David C 17.08.2017 - 22:32

Thank you! ! ! !

Universe19 19.08.2017 - 09:15

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